Yes, You Still Have To Trust The Process

I’m having some trouble with the phrase, “Trust the process.”

Potter’s hands making a pot in a traditional style.

I have always had trouble with the phrase, but ‘in this pocket reality we see as ‘2020,’ it seems like even worse advice to give someone struggling to make their way.

It is so typical of a phrase that it is near cliché and just about always seems like a cop-out answer.

Trusting the process means having faith that all the struggle and hard work to get to the finish line of whatever is worth it, even when everyone will admit that the process sucks and is way-to-often broken along the way.

I can tell you to trust the process even if I know the process sucks. This is because the suck is what you go through to learn from the process in real time and appreciate the journey through once you’ve progressed. 

My current problem is I don’t have the stomach to tell you to trust the process if I think the process is broken. Because ‘in this pocket reality we see as ‘2020,’ too many processes are broken and not being repaired on purpose.

Not to give excuses for my failure to progress past my current spot, but I have butted against too many brick walls of setbacks lately that are attached to scenarios where you finally slay the dragon to get the key to the next dungeon . . . and no one bothered to code the next dungeon. Even if they promised an even more epic battle at the end, there is no bridge to get there and no lumber for you to figure out how to build your old bridge.

But guess what I’m about you tell you?

Yes, you still have to trust the process.

You still have to go through every step of the process and advance as intended, despite how much it sucks and despite the process itself being broken in many places along the way.

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