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J Cleveland Payne talks politics, pop culture and everything in between everyday on the radio and the internet. Hear him tell you about living a life that is boring on purpose and how that makes all the difference in his life and success.

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These Will Get You The Job!
15 Top Qualities Employers Look For In Job Candidates


FROM THE BOOK DESCRIPTION: Are you looking for an edge in the workplace? Want to know what traits you should display to your employer when you are ready to negotiate a raise or better working conditions? ‘These Will Get You The Job!’ offers 15 of the top qualities employers seek during the hiring process. You will get straightforward ways to identify and display some of the more sought-after traits by employers (some with the worst intentions to exploit).

Simple Tips For Business Success
Solid Business Insights Inspired By The Two Minute Business Wisdom Podcast



“Simple Tips For Business Success: Solid Business Insights Inspired By The Two Minute Business Wisdom Podcast” is an invaluable resource that brings together practical wisdom and actionable strategies to empower entrepreneurs, small business owners, and business enthusiasts. This comprehensive book is an expanded collection of 18 essential tips for achieving success in the world of small business, originally featured in the acclaimed Two Minute Business Wisdom podcast.

Written by business strategist J Cleveland Payne, in collaboration with More Better Media, LLC, and under the brand Business Questions Answered Here, these hand-picked episodes have been transformed into comprehensive chapters that delve deep into each tip. The book enriches the simplicity and brevity of the podcast’s wisdom by providing readers with additional examples, explanations, and case studies. As a result, readers gain a profound understanding of each tip and its practical application in real-world business scenarios.

Whether you are new in embarking on your entrepreneurial journey or a seasoned small business owner in search of fresh perspectives, this book offers a wealth of knowledge and insights. It presents a unique fusion of tried-and-true wisdom and innovative ideas that can help you navigate the complex business landscape with confidence and competence. By delving into the pages of this book, you’ll unlock the secrets to achieving business success, inspired by the concise and potent wisdom of the Two Minute Business Wisdom podcast.

To discover more about the Two Minute Business Wisdom podcast and immerse yourself in its transformative insights, you can search for it on your favorite podcast app or visit its virtual home at This dedicated website serves as a central hub of information, providing access to a rich collection of podcast episodes, articles, and additional content designed to empower small business owners and entrepreneurs. It serves as a vital resource for those seeking practical advice and effective solutions to the challenges they encounter in their business endeavors.

“Simple Tips For Business Success: Solid Business Insights Inspired By The Two Minute Business Wisdom Podcast” is your guide to unlocking the potential within your business. It equips you with the knowledge and strategies needed to overcome obstacles, make informed decisions, and achieve your business goals. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned professional, this book is an indispensable tool on your journey to lasting business success.

Mastering Your Money
13 Clear And Concise Tips To Guide You To Financial Freedom



In “Mastering Your Money,” dive deep into a step-by-step journey designed for anyone determined to break free from financial stress and lay the foundation for a secure and prosperous future. Whether you’re starting from scratch, burdened with debt, or simply seeking to refine your financial strategies, this guide offers the tools you need to ensure long-term success.

The book kicks off with the fundamental principle of creating a tangible budget, emphasizing its pivotal role in financial mastery. As you delve further, you’ll discover the significance of building a solid emergency fund, a safety net that can protect against life’s unforeseen challenges.

Debt can be an oppressive chain, but “Mastering Your Money” offers insights into reducing and eventually eliminating it, ensuring you’re not perpetually paying for your past. With practical tips on consistent saving habits, wise investment strategies, and the art of living below your means, you’ll be equipped to not just survive but thrive.

But financial freedom isn’t just about saving and spending. Learn the nuances of monitoring your credit score, avoiding sneaky fees that chip away at your wealth, and understanding the impact of taxes on your earnings. The guide also emphasizes the value of regular financial reviews, ensuring proper insurance coverage, and the underrated importance of continuous financial education.

In “Mastering Your Money,” you’ll find more than just advice; you’ll gain a comprehensive financial education, empowering you to take control, make informed decisions, and finally achieve the financial freedom you’ve always sought.