Business Questions Answered Here – FeedWebsite

Lessons are learned by asking questions and experiencing failure. J Cleveland Payne uses his many business failures (and a few significant successes) to answer your questions about business operations. Look for Business Questions Answered Here in your podcast feed or at the website businessquestionsansweredhere.com every Tuesday and listen for answers to questions that can help you start, sustain, and advance your business.

J Cleveland Payne’s Creators Pep Talk – FeedWebsite

J Cleveland Payne offers a quick pep talk every week, offering encouragement and the occasional spark to action all creators, hoping to give them enough to keep going.

Mastering Your Message – FeedWebsite

Are you confused on how to effectively craft and deliver your message? Communications Specialist J Cleveland Payne produces the Mastering Your Message, a weekly companion podcast to his online message training course of the same name. Look for a new episode every Thursday in your podcast feed, or at the website masteringyourmessage.info.

Simple Health + Fitness Minute – FeedWebsite

The Simple Health + Fitness Minute is a 60-second weekly audio feature that provides just what it advertises: simple to understand and implement health and fitness advice in under one minute.

Steps To Your Better You – FeedWebsite

If you can spare a minute and a half, you can learn a full lesson in personal development. Steps To Your Better You offers tips for improved living that are quick to digest and simple to implement with a runtime of just 90 seconds. New episodes of the podcast released every Wednesdays in your podcast feed or the website yourbetteryou.info.

The Project Positive Message – FeedWebsite

The Project Positive provides a short daily audio clips offering a quick bite for inspiration, education…and an occasional kick-in-the-butt-styled motivation.

The Ten Minute Life Lessons Podcast – FeedWebsite

One of the greatest obstacles for people who want to go deeper into personal development is lack of time. J Cleveland Payne tries to negate that obstacle with the Ten Minute Life Lesson podcast, offering a complete and actionable lesson in personal development in ten minutes or less. Come out of the work week with a new lesson, as the podcast drops every Friday in your podcast feed or the website yourbetteryou.info.

The Weekly Wrap-Up with J Cleveland Payne – FeedWebsite

Are you tired of being told what the top news stories are by the media that gets to write and report them? The Weekly Wrap-Up Show presented by The Conversation Project gives you the power to tell the world what stories you really want to talk about based on your interaction with our branded social media. New episodes of the tops stories of the week as determined by you go live every Saturday at ThisIsTheConversation.com and just about everywhere your favorite pods are cast.

Two Minute Business Wisdom – FeedWebsite

Independent business analyst and small business owner J Cleveland Payne offers up tips for business owners and professionals every week in a quick and concise format.

Welcome To Your Monday – FeedWebsite

Motivation is a very popular topic on Mondays. J Cleveland Payne has consistently produced Monday message since 2012 via social media and expanded that reach to podcasting in 2018. Look for the Welcome to your Monday message from ‘Your Mister Monday’ every week in your podcast feed or at the website welcometoyourmonday.com.