J Cleveland Payne is a broadcast veteran with over 20 years of work in radio, heard on stations like Ruston’s Rock Alternative KLPI in Ruston, Louisiana and Power 92 Jams, the Legendary 102.1 KOKY, Newsradio 102.9 KARN, and 101.1 The Answer in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Payne’s clear delivery and soothing baritone voice allows him to portray a variety of roles, from drab (taking the voice of ‘Monday’ to promote Saturday night club specials) to dynamic (as the ‘voice’ for various promotional videos) to direct (producing radio commercials with a ‘standard’ radio tone).

Want to hear some of my work? This page is frequently updated with commercial spots, promotional spots, and airchecks from appearances on the radio.

Citadel Little Rock Properties
Car Choice 30 Second Radio Ad (4/5/2018)
New Amsterdam Vodka 30 Second Radio Ad (4/3/2018)
Radio Bible Study – Texas Corners Bible Church 30 Second Radio Promo (10/10/2018)
Turning Point – Dr David Jeremiah 30 Second Radio Promo (4/25/2019)
The Greens At North Hills 30 Second Radio Ad (4/25/2019)
Word Of Prophecy – Bro Ray Pringle 30 Second Radio Promo (9/25/2018)
2015 Million Dollar Bracket Challenge