Every Day You Get A Winning Lottery Ticket

Imagine if every day, moments after you wake up and get out of bed, you cash in a winning lottery scratch-off ticket for a fresh one.

Money coming out of suitcase

And every day, you get another winning ticket.

Most days, you win just enough to buy a new ticket, which you can redeem the next day.

Some days, you win a bigger prize, also redeemable for more tickets. Those tickets aren’t a guaranteed win, and you don’t have to trade them in immediately. You can be strategic in your use or scratch them all in a fit of frustration and need for a big win.

They may be winners. They may be losers. They may have been winners that expired because you took too long to scratch and redeem them. You won’t know until those tickets get played.

The saving grace is that you will always win on at least one ticket, with the caveat, you must redeem immediately on the next day.

Well, this is your life. Seriously.

Every morning when you wake up and get out of bed, you have scratched off a lottery time worth a new day of life with new possibilities.

Some days, you get the chance for extra scratch-offs, which you can take a chance on now or later. They may pay off, or they may not. But if you wake up the next morning, you’re given a new ticket good for that day that I win, even if a minor one, of possibilities.

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