Two Consistent Questions About ‘Unfinished Thoughts’

There are two consistent questions I field about publishing these ‘Unfinished Thoughts’ on this blog.
One is a question about my commitment based on the inconsistency of publishing these messages. The other is a question of the value based on the infrequent of true epiphanies published.

The first question is valid, and my main answer is the chaos of life and my inability to monetize my creative work (primarily based on the chaos of life).

The second question is total BS and tells more about the stupidity o the one posing the question than the skill and talent of the one requested to answer.

While these quick messages are meant to motivate and inspire, if a person truly needs a statement that will genuinely shatter the foundation of their being every day to function, they have a severe addiction, and not even fentanyl can quench it.

And I don’t feel sorry for a single person who needs to ask the second question.

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