J Cleveland Payne’s Top Ten Medium Articles For 2014

In 2014, I was blessed with the chance to do a lot of writing, but cursed with the number of options to post my writing as I chased readers. One of my more successful depositories for 2014 was Medium. Medium had a shift in focus mid-year that made it even harder to be featured, and was tricky to get featured in the first place. But I am very proud of my results from Medium and will put an extra focus on using the platform more effectively in 2015.

That said, here are my top ten Medium articles for 2014, as determined by reads per day.

  1. My Wife & I Don’t See Eye To Eye /1.25 Views Per Day
  2. Edison Only As Good As His 10,000 Failures? /0.76 Views Per Day
  3. Three Mental Exercises To Fight Being Overcome By ‘The Grind’ /0.30 Views Per Day
  4. My Writing Checklist /0.08 Views Per Day
  5. Five Investments All Small Business Owners Should Be Making /0.07 Views Per Day
  6. You Can Lead A Horse To Water… /0.07 Views Per Day
  7. Let Cliven Bundy Continue To Speak /0.06 Views Per Day
  8. I Don’t Want To Handle The Truth /0.05 Views Per Day
  9. There Is Always A Tomorrow /0.05 Views Per Day
  10. The Guru Is A Fallacy /0.04 Views Per Day

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