Making ‘The Law Of Attraction’ Actually Attract Success

The Law of Attraction, popularized in the book and movie “The Secret” in 2006, suggests that we can attract success and abundance into our lives by focusing on positive thoughts and feelings. However, many people find that simply thinking positively isn’t enough to change their lives.

One reason for this is that many of us have hidden fears and doubts that can prevent us from fully embracing the Law of Attraction. For example, some people may be afraid of the hidden downsides of success, such as increased responsibility or public scrutiny.

To truly make the Law of Attraction work for you, it’s essential to identify and address these hidden fears and doubts. This may involve some self-reflection and personal development work. Additionally, it’s essential to understand that the Law of Attraction creates results in several areas of life, including Health, Well-being, Relationships, Vocation, Time, Money, Freedom, and any recent experiences you’re having in life are in direct harmony with your thinking.

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