My Thoughts On How To Take Care Of Children

The government should hire people to drive around with a cooler full of sandwiches, looking for children lounging around, and hand them a sandwich.

The government should also hire another person to drive around with a trunk full of books to follow the person with the cooler of sandwiches. They see the kid holding a sandwich in one hand and hand them a book to go into the other.

Does every random child need to be given a sandwich and a book? No. Some families have an abundance of sandwiches and book for their children and a few of the neighbor’s children. Does it matter? No.

The problem is not ‘giving free sandwiches and books to kids who don’t need them’ because of all the resources we waste; a book and a sandwich for a child is pretty non-offensive in any rational sense.

The problem comes from kids who receive the ‘wrong’ sandwich or book from the ‘wrong’ official. If a child has a peanut allergy, give them a tuna sandwich, or vice versa. No issue, right?

What if a child is given a book that offers insight into a different part of the world than their parents have sold?

Getting the ‘wrong’ information from the ‘wrong’ people is nothing new. The new hotness of xenophobia is the belief that you can shut yourself away from the world’s ways and still survive instead of facing off with their ideas and then just walking away.

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