Your To-Do And Your Not-To-Do Lists

An extremely useful and unsexy tool for getting things done is a to-do list. I talk about using them all the time, and few people seem to care.

A useful add on to a to-do list is what I call a not-to-do list. And this is simply a list of things you decide you will not do that are tied to a real reason that means something to you.

The reasons tied to your items on your not-to-do list should not come down to what you simply want to since many of the key factors to anyone’s success is doing work that no one wants to do, but getting it done regardless.

The reasons should be attached to real reasons not to do a thing. Like if it is bad for your health, psyche, or wallet (which themselves are bad for your health and psyche).

Just like you should plan out what activities you should do to ensure success, you should know what you should not do to hamper that success.

Need help crafting your to-do or your not-to-do lists? Email me at and I’ll help get you started.

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