It Is Hard To Maintain A Life Boat Mentality

You are on a ship in the middle of the ocean, and that ship is taking on water.

You escape to a lifeboat with others from the ship and load up as many essentials to survival as you can get your hands on.

And now the lifeboat is taking on water.

Change the scenario of this dire situation. This is not a ship and a lifeboat, but the world around you and your mental state of mind. It is not a fair or equitable comparison but stick with me for just a few lines more, please.

In the lifeboat, you can toss aside as much excess weight as possible. Still, if you are tossing random boxes and crates, you are libel to toss out emergency rations or medicine or emergency flares necessary for your survival.

For your mental state, you, too, can toss aside the things that are bogging you down, but not without discretion. And because you’ll start seeing that ‘things’ often equates to people . . . you can see just how deep it can get to save yourself.

You can only jettison so much ‘dead weight’ before you put yourself in a worse position.

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