The Path To Getting In The Game May Be Just As Daunting As Scoring On The Big Play

I follow a lot of seemingly random channels on YouTube. Some of those channels showcase the business aspects of owning various types of real estate.

Construction site

A video I just watched this morning showed one real estate owner made $40,000 in 15 minutes based on the ability to get two highly coveted rental properties occupied.

Only, he did not make that money in just 15 minutes. It only took him 15 minutes to close these particular deals, but he had to be in a position to make the deals.

The full lead time is unknown, but for the owner to rent the houses, he had to own the homes. They had to have been originally built, possibly rebuilt, and had the current owners’ renovations done to make them appealing to the current crop of customers.

This all took time and resources, some of which he detailed, most of which he did not (because it should be understood a house must exist in order to rent it out, otherwise, fraud).

The thing you call success is a trophy you receive for winning the end of the season contest. But to win, or even compete for the trophy, you’ve got to be drafted into the league, play some pre-season to get tuned up, outlast the field in the regular season to qualify, then run the table in the playoffs.

You must be in a position to make the big play and earn the big win. No one can take away what you earned, but you have got to be in the game to get that chance. And the steps necessary to get in the game, from a non-contenders point-of-view, can seem just as daunting.

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