Never Sure How Much Until It Is Gone

Time is a curious resource.

You can manage it, budget it, and do a great job of using it to be productive and prosperous.

But you do not know when your available time will run out.

You can train all your life for a limited spot in an elite field and find some fluke of time and circumstance ending your career opportunities before you were given a chance to complete the audition process.

You can build a relationship with a person that you believe will last long term, only to find they have soured on it and will suggest you move on before you can propose exclusivity.

You can early plan a dream vacation for next week and be struck dead by some seemingly random act of the universe before you get a chance to begin.

We all have the same amount of daily time at our disposal. We all have the ability to use or waste that time as we see fit.

We also all have a finite amount of available time to put forth in the pursuit of ‘life, ‘which always seems infinite when we are young, insufficient as we get older, and unknowable as to how much we really have left in reserve.

And whatever is left always seems like it was expended way too soon by those left behind.

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