Keeping The Eye On The Prize, Not The Trophy

I have a bad habit of mentally prepping an award acceptance speech at the beginning of a new project.

I know that an idea can be so good, it could defeat the odds of failure and dispell the haters who are just gonna hate.

A single idea can be life-changing and could catapult a person from poverty to luxury. From obscurity to nobility. From insignificance to prestige.

But I do hold back on building a trophy case at that time.

It doesn’t take much motivation to get a ball to start rolling, to gain momentum, to generate enough energy to launch a great idea to unbelievable heights.

It also doesn’t take much resistance to slow the advancement to a crawl, stop movement entirely, and convince you that your entirely plausible idea was, in fact, impossible to manage and stupid to begin with.

I can not help being overly optimistic with every fresh idea that pops into my head. I can be wise enough to pump the breaks before writing big checks backed only by sheer will and determination that I probably won’t have the capital to cash.

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