I Just Spent The Week In Court

That was not a clickbait title. I just spent the week in court.

Luckily, I was not standing trial in front of a jury of my peers. I was serving my civic duty as a part of a jury of said peers.

In a few weeks, I’ll process the bulk of my observations in full detail for all. For now, I’m just going to quickly list seven things I learned this week:

Don’t Expect To Just Get Out Of Duties: Jury selection had a late start because the clerk had to call everyone who did not show up for the initial pool (30% of the people). Everyone knew my name pretty quickly in the selection process because I kept spouting out reasons to be dismissed and did not get dismissed.

You Only Have So Many Productive Hours In A Day: I was on the jury all week. I had important work at the day job every day that still got done, only every night after court. Three friends reached out two me with time-sensitive projects (two I worked in, one I was forced to punt on). And there was sleeping and attempts to healthy eating and keeping my med schedule on schedule.

Seersucker Is Alive And Well: At least in June, in the South, at the courthouse.

There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Candy: I spend my days listening to people ramble as a profession, but for listening to testimony, it was working on another level. There is only so much sugar to keep you awake and focused.

Don’t Take A Complicated Process For Granted: Disruption sounds like a remarkable thing until you lose access to that thing you expect to be there. Justice is slow, and the government is slow. This was created on purpose, so if your road to resolution seems slow and windy, suck it up.

Trust The Process: This idea keeps coming up, over and over, as a message wrapped in the themes of too many things lately. And it is happening for a reason. All the steps of the process are there for a reason. Even when they seem ridiculous and useless. Trust the process.

I Need An Impressive CV: But first, I’ve got to create a CV.

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