Have You Really Tried Everything?

I am having trouble keeping my weight down.

Despite many factors that are in the way of doing all the heathier things necessary to maintain a healthier weight, this is all on me.

There are two questions you must ask yourself when faced with a situation where progress is not being made.

First, are you doing all that you can to put yourself in a better position for success? Because if you are, then there is a real problem with the goal, and you probably are targeting a useless one.

Second, what are you doing? Seriously, are you doing anything along the way to put yourself in any chance even to stumble upon success? Because the answer to this determines if the blame for your lack thereof goes solely to you if you are not putting in any effort to what you say your goal is.

I am having trouble keeping my weight down. I am not doing everything possible to succeed. Still, I am doing as much as possible despite every possible obstacle (including myself) that has become apart of my routine that makes it hard for me to establish a good eating and exercise routine.

I want to maintain a healthy weight and am actively working toward that goal, just not hard enough. And I know and understand that.

Do you have any suggestions for my weight loss journey? Email me at jclevelandpayne@gmail.com.

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