Have I Bought Your Book?

I am a sort of a troll when it comes to people creating products and trying to become better entrepreneurs, on the internet or otherwise. If the price is right, I’ll often buy a book or course from a person who’s information just happens to flash across my monitor. I recently placed an order for designer chocolates from a friend of my wife’s, because, it was Tuesday?

About half the time I will make the effort to offer up reviews and referrals. Honestly, I buy so much random stuff that I see first-hand accounts of just how poorly produced much of the material released online is. Because it is simple and inexpensive to create a product, many simple minded and cheap people think they have a shot of making a quick buck, and will take a shot.

If this is you, as in taking a shot at a quick buck with shoddy material, well, then more power to you. If you can get away with it, and your conscience is cool with it, then who am I to convince you otherwise. If your moral compass is a little closer to pointing to truth, then I know you are as frustrated as I am that there is so much bad material out there. It’s hard enough to compete with being good enough to rank with the good stuff, but the fight for eyeballs and shelf space with the millions of subpar products out there is discouraging.

Can I offer any solace to your pain? No.

What can I offer? A sympathetic ear. A shoulder to lean. A potential business or accountability partner.

And maybe a person with a little spare time what used it to voice a thought floating around in your head.

Whatever I can offer, I hope I can help. And I’m still buying plenty of books, programs, and products. At my own risk.

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