Going To War With My Podcast Hosting Service. Maybe.

My current podcast hosting service had been a customer service nightmare from the beginning of our relationship.

This stems mostly from it being a European based company that does a lot of business with the US.

That translates to pretty good service (meets most of my needs) but terrible customer service (no phone support, prolonged email support, very few answers when emails do come in).

I am at the point where I would love to drop them, but the pain of reorganizing a dozen podcasts (yes, some are dead, but I’d like them to be still found) at a new place is not something I want to get into at this moment.

I am having similar hate with my home internet networks. Because of a slew of unfortunate events, various devices decide whether they want to be connected to the network living off the phone company provided router. So, I bought one of those easy setup plugin home networking systems, only to find I must physically erase the old network out of each device and reinstall to the new network. Also, not a chore I am chomping at the bit to get on.

This is more of a gripe session that a lesson to learn, but do you have some daunting tasks that you know you have to work on to fix some nagging problem that you just don’t want the hassle? Could you email me at jclevelandpayne@gmail.com to discuss?

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