Always Be Prepared To Walk Away From The Negotiations Table

In business, it’s usually not a great thing to ‘leave money on the table.’

Bundle of Used Dollar Bills

This may be the best route to keep your business going as a way to allow all sides to save face.

This is good in business practice and in the general ‘business’ of walking through life.

Sometimes you see early within your negotiations that there is a skewed view of the value of a deal or relationship. One side may not see the value of the other on the same level, and it could lead to problems if you do shake hands and agree to move forward.

You have the right to walk away from any deal or any person who does not value you. 

Always know you worth.

Do you know your worth? Have you walked away from a possible monster deal because you thought the other side undervalued you? Email me at, and we can discuss.

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