Four Instant Events

First, I put pen to paper. I instantly became a writer.

Then, I wrote lots of words about one topic. I instantly became an author, gradually became an author with a completed project.

Recently, I just said ‘What am I waiting for?” With now answer, I uploaded a file with lots of words to the internet and pressed publish. I instantly became a published author.

Within a week I sold a book. I instantly became a paid author. Then another. And another. Current total number is 23 paperbacks and 2 digital.

I don’t know what it will take to become a bestselling author. I’m sure it will not be quite as instant as the previous 4 listed events. But it is an event that I am working toward. You can help by purchasing a copy of my book, “Welcome to your Monday,” from Amazon,com. The book is an expansion on the first year of weekly tweets I sent as a bit of motivation, inspiration, and hopefully common sense wisdom. The feed, as found on Facebook and the Welcome to your Monday website has been going strong for just about two full years, and have enough messages to last at least another year from today. Let me know if you enjoy it.

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