More On Seth Godin

Seth Godin, a writer whom I admire and try to model some of my writing after, has a motto, “Never miss a deadline.”

I miss a lot of deadlines, and I am nowhere near co-opting the trace of success that Godin has achieved.

But my ultimate success will probably not come from following Godin’s motto because I’m not him.

Some things get done as things get done, and some will never get done. I have to come to personal terms for a unique definition of success. As much as I would love never to miss a deadline, I do not have the luxury of my art paying for itself or my mortgage and grocery bills, so other priorities ofter take president.

But missing fewer deadlines is a goal I’d like to work towards now.

Making Coffee

Getting a cup of coffee into your hands in the morning is the same, whether it is a pour from the pot on your kitchen counter or from a barista leaning out of a window wearing a headset.

There must be enough lead time to acquire coffee (grinding from bean form is optional), setting up equipment, pressing the buttons necessary to brew the liquid (unless you are a French Press person), waiting, then physically pouring the liquid into a cup.

Lead time is everything to getting anything you want.

Ignorance Versus Death

When you die, you don’t know you’re dead, and only those around you are affected. Because . . . you’re dead, and there is nothing you can do about anything at this point.

It’s a similar situation when you’re genuinely ignorant. You don’t know just how ignorant you and your actions are, and those around you can be affected in ways you may never understand. You have some power to influence and maybe fix the damage you may have caused, but that requires you to realize your ignorance.