Be Happy With Where You Are And Where You Can Go From Here

Thank you for reading this posting.

I hope you are doing well, and like to think of you as a friend.

But if I am as successful in getting the exposure for this posting as I would like, chances are I don’t actually know you personally. Therefore, I don’t intimately know your circumstances.

I do know I am posting this in the third quarter of the year 2020, and life has been totally upended for just about all of us.

Despite how dire your situation is (and some of us are living through horrible conditions right now), it could always be worse.

And you can help make it worse by focusing on just how bad your situation currently is, and not how lucky you are that you at least have what you do possess. In turn, you can make it better by believing and working toward just how good it possibly could be.

First, learn to be content with your current state, but never stop there (even in good times). Never dismiss the potential heights you have yet to achieve.

Having issues with gratitude in the face of suffering? Email me at and we can discuss.

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