Asking How & Why

It is not the best indicator of success, but a person who makes a habit of asking these two based questions show that they have a desire for something more significant for the world or themselves.

The two questions are ‘how’ and ‘why,’ and they are surprisingly interchangeable.

Personal example: I could ask these questions both ways regarding my lack of success in gaining traction as an online influencer.

One way is to ask, ‘How did that person earn the response they are receiving,’ followed by ‘Why are my efforts not getting a similar result?’

Or, I could ask, ‘Why did that person earn the response they are receiving,’ followed by ‘How can I get a similar result?’

Asking these questions shows intercultural curiosity. A want or need to know more, and a want or need to do better as a result.

Most of the asking is internal, as in, you’re asking these questions of yourself, whether in your head or out loud (I won’t judge. This scenario is the driver for your path to success. This will push you to take up the real work of real research. Those who ask these questions want to figure out the how of the why (or why of the how).

But if you ask these out loud in earshot of others (still not judging), or purposely ask these to another person who you think might have an answer, you’re initiating a conversation that could lead you a step closer to your clue to greatness. Or not.

I have asked these questions about just about everything for just about my entire life. And yes, people get annoyed very quickly.

But those who don’t get annoyed will gladly offer insight. Some of it will work, most of it will not. All of it should be welcome.

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