Two Things That Are Never Free

Two things that are never free are freedom and puppies.

It is simple to put forth a message that ‘freedom isn’t free.’ The notion is a motto that people will literally wear and readily recite (even if their speaking the slogan is not precisely in line with the actual message’s spirit).

People will salute those who fought and died for the belief of free people and free nations’ founding.

Now about those free puppies. We all will smile and coo at the sight of cute little furballs until you find yourself owning one of those cute little furballs for yourselves. Especially if the puppy is a ‘gift’ you don’t initially pay for.

You will pay for the puppy in: shots, spaying or neutering, training, toys, food, destroyed slippers and lost sleep as you are forced to get up earlier and stay up later for walks.

And if you get the free puppy for ‘the family,’ well, yeah…

The effort to maintain freedom is always warranted. The effort to maintain puppies is not always warranted.

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