Three Mental Exercises To Fight Being Overcome By ‘The Grind’

At some point in time, everyone will find themselves at a loss for why they continue step into the daily grind. The key to overcoming this situation is to find a way to push yourself out of this mindset. When you start to find yourself overcome with continuing doubt, install this daily trio of mental exercises into your routine:

Look For Inspiration – Find a reason to get out of bed, other than eventual hunger pangs in your stomach. This is you where you get the dire to want to do something. Hopefully, something that seems greater and grander than what and where you are at this moment. But it must be something that is more than just standing still.

Check Your Motivation – This may not be the same as your inspiration. This is the reason you actually show up for work and fulfill your shift. This is why hunger pangs will get you out of bed to suppress them, but you won’t necessarily be motivated to write sonnets after you’ve had breakfast. Or whatever you inspiration is to do.

Review Your Options – Because you always have a choice to do, or to not do, anything that inspires you or motivates you. You may not like the consequences of your one choice over the other, or even both choices, but the right of that choice is always yours. Your goal is to make sure the consequences are manageable, if not desirable.

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