This Riff On Religion Is A Rambling Mess

I watched most of the 2 1/2 hour debate with Bill Nye and Ken Ham. I read over a dozen reviews and skimmed through the transcripts for the final pieces I did not watch (cuz I gots a real job, yo). It was dull and non-confrontational and answered no questions and offered no real reason to end the evolution versus creationism debate other than the fact there are other issues that we can actually solve right now. I think it’s a little wonky when Pat Robertson calls out the guy defending creationism.

Pardon me as I rant for a bit. This whole thing began as then intention to just post the preceding link to my Facebook NewsFeed (and then getting back to my real job, yo). What we really have is an argument that is turning into Yankees versus Red Sox rivalry where you are supposed to hate the other because they exist. Even thought if they did not exist, there would be one less team to play against. (for football fans, think Cowboys versus every other team in the NFL). Christians believe the Bible is the word of God, and it is truth, therefore the poor non-believers are stuck trying to come up with ideas to justify their non-belief. Non-believers don’t believe the Bible is truth, but a nice not-so-little book of historic metaphors, and therefore the sucker Christians are stuck living up to a belief perpetrated by a cabal of long dead political wonks.

Oddly enough, this isn’t the greatest God-related internet thing to bother me in the past 24-hours. That honor goes to Donald Miller. In a current more-than-a-little-bit-of-hate-the-player-and-the-game session that lives only in my head, I’m at a loss at why the guy who wrote Blue Like Jazz (this one is an affiliate link, no other links are) and from what I can tell makes a profit from being a symbol of the weird hipster-Jesus movement (which I don’t have a problem with) tells his fans that church, what most people deem as a necessary part of the Christian walk, is not really his thing anymore. And then not having the foresight to think that people would make a big deal out of it.

It’s a good thing that the over 20 years I’ve spent trying to get a following in my writing has gone nowhere and that no one will read this because this rambling mess is not what I want to be remembered for. But I have to say in this rambling mess that I’m tired as a person of hearing all the non-sensual hype and as a Christian of hearing a lot of God talk that is less personal testimony and more product testimonial. Apparently, I might be a little touched in the head to believe that followers of the Jesus Christ as described into book series that we call the New Testament of the Bible are supposed to conduct themselves in a manner that is less pandering of petty personal agenda points and more selling of the big ticket items of eternal salvation and loving each other (or at least some civil toleration).

I have no great way to end this, so I will just close with these last few observations, since no one is paying attention anyway. I get that the real culprit is using the word religion as a semantic to cover all sorts of spirituality when it mostly covers just the rituals of a certain sect. And there are too many different sects of Christianity, let alone all the other religions praying to various other beings and creatures. There are real issues that keep us divided, so there will never be a time we can all get along. But when the Yankees and the Rex Sox take the field, the spirit of the game comes alive for all fans, even the ones who wish they were watching the Cowboys instead.

I will apologize for any not so great choices in grammar are spelling errors missed in a quick spell check. I wanted this rambling mess to keep whatever meaning it was going to have without the help of editing for clarity, punctuation, or second thoughts. But what does it matter. No one is really reading this.

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