The Real ‘Art Of The Deal’ First Plays Off The Science

There are only two important questions when making a buying decision.

What will it cost me and what will it give me.

All questions are just ways to widen or narrow the scope of those two main questions. Can I get it in blue is a question of what it will give me. Can I pay for it in installments is a question of what it will cost me.

Prepare your sales pitches with the ultimate correlation of these two questions in mind. What will the customer receive at what price point, and how much more or less can you offer as they shift their objection questions.

As always, be on the lookout for a tell that should alert you of a stall. From there, since your need to for continued negotiation is near zero, it’s up to your want to continue negation to determine what you can salvage for this.

Research on how well the market reacts to your offering? Research on how well your completion is faring in the market? Insight on the real needs of a customer base so you can engineer a solution they cannot refuse?

The science of the sales process is determining the right amount of what you will give a customer with what they will accept as a fair price to pay. The art is having the ability to adjust the measures of each side on the fly.

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