Publishing And Cooking

The process of publishing an article is similar to the process of creating a meal.

Roasted meat with garnish and cowberry pie on festive table

If a person is hungry, someone must do some work to get a digestible meal.

It doesn’t always have to be pretty or elaborate, but it has to be adequately prepared to ensure safety.

Sure, you could crack open a raw egg and down it, but someone has to go get that egg from a chicken, and we all don’t have the capacity to raise the animals.

You could possibly eat and digest small amounts of raw meat, but you still have to butcher it, and if you don’t have the space for a chicken coop, you probably don’t have the space to raise pigs or cattle.

Whether you are publishing a potential New York Times bestselling novel, an article for the New York Post, or just a post for your personal blog about life in your corner of your borough of New York, there is a process that must be processed.

The level of presentation may or may not make a difference. You might be catering a large gathering or just making a quick snack. You might be completing a large manuscript or turning in a short memo. You have a process. Words and meals don’t just appear ready for consumption.

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