Multiples Of Zero Will Always Equal Zero

Before you can 10x or 2x or even 1x anything, you have to find a way to make x equal greater than zero.

That, like many other concepts that are tossed around like metaphorical Frisbees between people in the ‘entrepreneurial space,’ seems like a simple concept to ingest.

Of course, it can not be so simple.

Too many people have delusions of grandeur, visions of sugar plums, and mini bouts of insanity that are triggered by social media motivational candy.

Is being reminded to ‘rise and grind’ a bad thing? Not necessarily. Get up. Get up early to get a head start. Grind it out through the hard times to make it to the better times. What could be wrong with a message like that?

There is nothing wrong with a message like that. It’s listening to the same overly simplified message, a message with no real nuance, over and over.

Before you begin to book the two-week vacation at the luxury resort with your personal infinity pool, you need to sell a few things. Actually batches and batches of things, but until you sell a few things, you’ve got no baseline to start with.

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