I Want A Piece Of Bread

I have been working on a new meal-management plan.

Yes, I know exactly how dangerous that is to attempt during the holidays, but it really is a matter of determination or excuses.

It is just as hard to stick to a consistent meal-management plan in March as it is in December. Food never goes away, and marketers are trying to keep their food provider clients in business by pushing more and more food for you to seek out.

I have been working on this system for three weeks, and after some initial adjustment weight gain, I am officially down 3 pounds from the start.

But I’m missing eating bread regularly.

King Bread

I am not entirely grain-free. My meal-management plan doesn’t forbid anything. It just asks you to think really really hard about everything you put into your mouth.

But there is so much bread everywhere is an excuse. Through determination, I have cut down on bread intake.

But I want to eat more bread because bread is really delicious and is everywhere.

Until I feel safe going back into a gym (and have time to go), I will have a problem losing the total twenty pounds I want to shed, but I am on the right track with my eating, and I am far from starving.

But I want to eat more bread.

Are you a fan of bread? Can you live without bread on the side? Email me at jclevelandpayne@gmail.com, and we can discuss. Maybe even grumble about it.

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