Calm The F*** Down

Life is not all that complicated. It is as simple as following a path of simple action.

If you can breathe, have the power of movement and speech, and a few dollars to spend on a sandwich and a car note, life is a simple game to master.

Unfortunately, it is not such an easy game to win. Mostly, it is tough to determine the parameters of a win, and when we do, we cannot translate those parameters to other people to agree with.

And the worse person we have to convince, and rarely succeed in doing, is ourselves.

The simple assertion of ‘the scoreboard tells the tale’ does not often work. There are too many nuances in a true masterpiece of work and a minor eeking of passing.

The one universal factor is that life is not supposed to be all that complicated, and if you are living an overly complex life, you need to calm the f*** down.

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