Am I Writing Daily For Me Or For Thee?

Am I writing daily for me or for thee?


I am writing daily for me because I need the practice. I need the exercise. I don’t have the luxury of lots of free time (technically paid for time) to sit down uninterrupted and write ‘good stuff,’ but I can find moments here and their to at least write ‘stuff’ with the potential to be fairly good.

I am writing daily for you because you are the judge of what stuff is truly good or not. That is not entirely true, but someone must publicly judge, and you are the public. Without a crowd to perform for, the performance gets stale quickly, and the worth of it all gets lost.

So, am I writing daily for me or for thee?

As stated above, yes to both.

But the question I want an answer to: are you reading me daily for me or thee?

Feel free to take that beyond rhetorical and shoot me and answer at

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