My name is J(ohn) Cleveland Payne,
and of all the things that I am,
I am a storyteller first and foremost.

I tell my own stories. I tell the stories of others. I help others tell their stories.

I do this in various ways and do a lot of other things throughout the day.

But if you start with the core me, I am a storyteller.

This is my digital home for over 20 years, even though I’ve been active on the internet for much longer.

This is a place that always in a state of flux because I am always experimenting and trying new things.

But, I no longer offer apologies—just tips and assistance to help others master their messages for future storytelling. Or, I’m offering up a few stories of my own.

This is my home base on the web, and because a messy workshop is proof of a busy workman, assume this place will often be filled with clutter.

Click on the right link from the menu to find what you are looking for. I am a multi-faceted problem-solver, so chances are, that problem you need assistance with can use a few of my skill sets.

Oh, the boring set stuff about me:

J Cleveland Payne writes and talks about politics, pop culture and everything in between on the radio and the internet. He also speaks to groups on living a life that is boring on purpose and how that makes all the difference in his life and success.

And this is what I look like: