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J Cleveland Payne talks politics, pop culture and everything in between everyday on the radio and the internet. Hear him tell you about living a life that is boring on purpose and how that makes all the difference in his life and success.

J Cleveland Payne edits and moderates The Conversation website, which posts topics for conversation that cover politics, pop culture and everything in between. The website also host podcasts that offer daily and weekly wrap-ups of some of the more popular conversations. Find it all at thisistheconversation.com

Currently In Print

Welcome to More Mondays (Welcome to your Monday Book 2)
A New Batch of Beginning of the Week Motivation in 140 Characters or Less


FROM THE BOOK DESCRIPTION: As the second volume of 52 points of wisdom and influence, Welcome to More Monday allows more people to access the messages present weekly in the Welcome to your Monday weekly feed. It provides conversation starters and sources of friendly debates.

Ask Yourself This
A Daily Quotes & Questions Workbook Featuring 366 Thoughts To Jump Start Your Mind Everyday


FROM THE BOOK DESCRIPTION: The premise for this book is simple. It will provide you a daily quote from various people. Those quotes will be followed by a daily question inspired by that quote. Every page will be set for a date (even February 29th) and will present that day’s quote, that day’s question, and some space that will enable you to use the book as a personal journal that you can easily refer to in the future. The journal aspect is key. Having a running log of how you answered the daily questions that you can review after the fact offers a look back at yourself a particular point in time. Reread a question later in your life, whether it happened to be a few weeks to a few decades later, and I will guarantee some added life experience will change your perspective and your answer.

It’s a simple book with a simple mission, and I know you will enjoy embarking on that mission day by day, question by question, as you get an early mental boost that will extend until a clearer and more open view of the world around you, along with the world inside you.

Welcome To Your Monday
Beginning of the Week Motivation in 140 Characters or Less


FROM THE BOOK DESCRIPTION: One tweet sent in late 2012. It began with ‘Welcome to your Monday.’ It was followed by 115 more characters. One tweet sent and just like that, J Cleveland Payne had created a new motivational series in a new style he was unfamiliar with: extremely short and to the point. That challenge would be on he would happily accept, turning longer maxim of wisdom and insight into short and pithy bites that were easy to take and take in.

The Welcome to Your Monday Twitter series is billed as ‘Monday morning motivation in 140 characters or less,’ and this book offers up the first years’ worth of Monday’s past. While the occasional epiphany is available for you to claim, most of these thoughts and ideas will just remind you of what you already should be doing or reaffirm that what you are doing is the right thing. Very little will be found to be original or earth-shattering thoughts. The author is very okay with that.

So Forty Happened
Some Lessons Learned (And Sometimes Followed) Contained In This Vain Attempt At Achieving Immortality


FROM THE BOOK DESCRIPTION: This book is a complete work of vanity. In an attempt to clean a real milestone after a few years of setbacks and backslides, J Cleveland Payne began an all-out attempt to produce a decent book he could present as a memoir for the first 40 years of his life. You can be the judge of whether this book is truly worthy of being graded as ‘decent,’ but Payne did succeed in producing a book, and triumphantly hit is target of being released before his 40th birthday on September 29th, 2014.

This may not be happy book full of extraordinary success, but it does chronicle the mind of a man reaching a milestone. Payne offers up his true feelings of his past struggles and regrets, along with admitting to some obvious issues (he really is crazy). He reveals some uncertainty he has for whatever time he may have left while sharing the joys and struggles of fatherhood with a virtual adult and an actual toddler. In the process of weaving tales with a lot more woe than expected, but some general moments of joy and wonder, Payne reveals some life lessons that were brought to focus along his personal journey, most of which were even attempted to follow to varying degrees of success or failure. It might not be a book about a pivotal member of our generation, but Payne decided to be brave enough to make an attempt at immortality through words in a book that will mean something to his family and friends. Whoever you happen to be and whenever you happen across this book, Payne hopes you enjoy it, and learn a few things from it as well.

Coming Soon Eventually From J Cleveland Payne

What You Are Not Doing Right
You Already Know The Answers