Thanks For Buying J Cleveland’s Lunch (& Dinner)

IMG_20140414_120522055So on April 10th, 2014, I launched a Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to get people to by me lunch (and my wife and I dinner). The details of the campaign are here, and a after action for the campaign will be completed soon after the 60 day campaign is complete.

All of the contribution perks involves a special thanks you for participation, and this page will be where I will had out my virtual thank you’s. So…

April 10
akvalley (Anthony K. Valley) – $10 – Bought Date Night Dinner

April 14
shellirussell1 (Shelli Russell) $1 – Thanks For Helping
singlesandexes (Tanya Smith) $5 – Bought Me A Lunch (eaten April 14, 2014)