I’m pretty awesome in helping people in personal and business development, but don’t just take my word for it. Here are some testimonials from some clients I have assisted.

I was looking into haw to make a transition to attach a more mature audience. J Cleveland helped me create images of my ideal audience members and a solid plan to get them to listen to what I had to say . . . and buy a few of my products in the process.

I had a weekly 3-minute local radio feature that I honestly didn’t see past what it was for its full potential. J Cleveland helped me streamline my research process, upgrade my writing and presentation skills, and turn my local radio chat session into a recognized regional brand. I get more offers for paid appearances out of state thanks to J Cleveland.

My early food blogging efforts were garnering attention, but not gaining any real traction. Thanks to J Cleveland, I upgrading my blog’s look, downgraded some of the pretentiousness in my web copy, and re-launched my site to fan that we’re eagerly awaiting the fresh look and feel (and of course, the yummy recipes).

I wanted to break into intent based promotions and marketing as a side hustle but had no idea how to get started. J Cleveland displayed the patience of Job as he took me from the very simple basics of setting up websites and social media accounts to the complicated world of managing multiple personalities and properties. He asked if I was willing to try what he was teaching, and I said yes, and he helped me set myself up for what is now a growing full-time business

My promotions company was using email and social media to promo events around the state, and getting no organic response of real people showing up to our events. J Cleveland started with a complete overhaul of our processes and procedures. We became less ‘homeboy’ and more ‘businessman,’ and as scary as we thought it was going to be, it totally worked.

I was afraid of making a change, but J Cleveland helped me make the leap, without pushing me over the cliff (even though it was a threat that was thrown out a few times). We reviewed the way my company handles customer service inquiries and were able to simplify the process and eliminate two levels that lived between us and our customers.

I have a creative partner that lives on the opposite coast as I do, and we were having trouble connecting in real-time for collaboration. J Cleveland helped us set up simple and inexpensive online tool to enable quick and easy collaboration, and forced us to do the unthinkable: set up a meeting schedule and keep to our appointments to keep out projects managed and delivered on time.

My media training business needed help with transferring and organizing our materials from paper to digital. We thought it would be as easy and scanning and saving, and we we’re wrong. J Cleveland came in and organized the effort for efficiency, and created a custom system for us to follow to file and retrieve our information with no problems or delays.

I am a single mother who was stuck dealing with significant setbacks with my business. All the issues surrounding work was also affecting what little time I had to spend with my two daughters, and the stress was tearing our family apart. Jay Cleveland immediately helped the company with a quick reorganization of assets and personnel to bring stability, but then put the whole staff on a simple eating and exercise adjustment plan. The staff was not sure what to expect, but we saw immediate results in how we felt and interacted at the office, and my attitude with my children perked up immensely. Our company is on pace to pull itself out of trouble soon, and my kids are enjoying more free time with mama!

As a DJ and Hip-Hop artist, I like to think I know my audience. What I didn’t know about my audience was how to connect with them online. J Cleveland convinced me that I needed a real website to use as my online base of operations. Then showed me how to use the right social media platform to reach the people I wanted to where they happened to be.

I had a concept for an outreach program that targeted African-American youth. It didn’t include typical activities you would expect an inner city kid to want to get into, but it was still gaining a lot of interests. More interest than I could handle by myself. J Cleveland had me go back to the beginning and create a formalized business plan, even thought I was running a non-profit. From there, I could see just how much work it took to scale as more kids joined program, and how to network to get more volunteers to help get with the work and donors to help keep the bills paid.

I was set to lose a teaching opportunity at a local community college, and decided to transfer some of my more popular lectures into video course to see online. J Cleveland helped me with the one aspect I didn’t think about during the course creation process: marketing. He helped me find and focus on the right targets so that I could maximize my promotional efforts. My classes are filled with students who complete their lessons and leave positive reviews at the end of the courses!