Ask Yourself This

Ask Yourself This: A Daily Quotes & Questions Workbook Featuring 366 Thoughts To Jump Start Your Mind Everyday Published May 2015

The premise for this book is simple. It will provide you a daily quote from various people. Those quotes will be followed by a daily question inspired by that quote. Every page will be set for a date (even February 29th) and will present that day’s quote, that day’s question, and some space that will enable you to use the book as a personal journal that you can easily refer to in the future. The journal aspect is key. Having a running log of how you answered the daily questions that you can review after the fact offers a look back at yourself a particular point in time. Reread a question later in your life, whether it happened to be a few weeks to a few decades later, and I will guarantee some added life experience will change your perspective and your answer. It’s a simple book with a simple mission, and I know you will enjoy embarking on that mission day by day, question by question, as you get an early mental boost that will extend until a clearer and more open view of the world around you, along with the world inside you.

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